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AP Language and Comp Test: Examples and Anchors


Old Writers

William Hazlitt: Quotes and Bio/Essays
Francis Bacon: Bio/Essays
Michele de Montaigne: Bio/Essays
Richard Steele: Bio/Essays
Vernon Lee: Bio/ Essays
Charles Lamb: Bio/ Essays
Harriet Jacobs: Bio/Essays
Margaret Fuller: Bio/Essays
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Essays
Louise Guiney: Bio/Essays
Joseph Addison: Bio/Essays
Samuel Johnson: Bio/Essays
Richard Steele: Essay

Personal Essays

Defending Our Skies against the Elderly by Diane Dimond Newsweek
An Ideal of Service to Our Fellow Man by Albert Einstein This I Believe
Be Cool by Christian McBride This I believe

Science Essays

Re-inventing Humanity by Ray Kurzweil Futurist
Digital Maoism by Jared Lanier Edge
Know it All by Stacy Schiff

Descriptive Essays

Arms and the Man by Kathy Dobie

Visual Essays

Keith Carter Photographs
Photos The Changed the World by Magnum Photos

Persuasive Essays

Immigration Bill is a Fraud by Mark Steyn