Antigone Study Questions

  1. Who is the sister of Antigone?
  2. What happened to Antigone's two brothers?
  3. What decreee has Creon issued regarding Antigone's brothers?
  4. Who are the brothers of Antigone?
  5. What punishment is decreed for the person who disobeys Creon's edict?
  6. What does Antigone want Ismene to do?
  7. According to Ismene, what should women not do?
  8. To whom does Antigone "owe a longer allegiance"?
  9. Whose laws will Ismene be guilty of violating?
  10. What does Zeus "utterly abhor"?
  11. How many captains marched against the Thebans?
  12. Who is the son of Menoecues?
  13. What has Creon decreed regarding Eteocles?
  14. What has Creon decreed regarding Polyneices?
  15. What news does the Guard bring to Creon?
  16. What does Creon want the Gaurd to do?
  17. What is the only thing against which humans "call for aid in vain"?
  18. Whose laws, according to Antigone, was she following?
  19. Whom is Antigone supposed to marry?
  20. According to Creon what law should be fixed in Haemon's heart?
  21. Why will Creon not pardon Antigone?
  22. What does Creon say is the worst of evils?
  23. By whose hand would Creon prefer to fall from power?
  24. What were the people of Thebes saying about Antigone's sentence?
  25. According to Haemon, it is no shame for a wise person to do what?
  26. By whom does Creon object to being schooled?
  27. To whom does Creon accuse Haemon of being enslaved?
  28. What will Creon do to Antigone?
  29. According to the Chorus, what has caused Antigone's ruin?
  30. What has Creon's counsel done to his city of Thebes?
  31. What does Creon accuse Teiresias of being interested in?
  32. What prediction does Teiresias make about "one begotten of [Creon's] own loins." To whom does Teiresias refer?
  33. What advice does the Chorus give to Creon regarding Antigone?
  34. What happens to Haemon and how does it happen?
  35. What is the name of Creon's wife?
  36. What happens to Antigone?
  37. What does Haemon try to do to Creon? What does Haemon do when he is unsuccessful?
  38. What happens to Creon's wife?
  39. What does Eurydice do with her last breath?

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